About us

To Our Dear Customers,

Currently undergoing a relocation, we regret to inform you that in-store services are temporarily unavailable. Rest assured, we will promptly provide the new store address and pickup services as soon as our new location is ready. We appreciate your understanding.

Thank you.

Zheng Zhang - Director of Cooler Power


About Cooler Power

Cooler Power is a Toronto-based computer manufacturer specializing in water-cooled PCs. Established in 2020, we have weathered many ups and downs but remain committed to our founding principles of delivering the finest gaming computers to our customers. At Cooler Power, we believe that technology should be as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Founded with the vision of integrating the art of design with cutting-edge computing, we craft computers that not only excel in performance but also stand out with their exceptional design.

Our Philosophy:
"Blending Beauty with Technology" - this principle guides everything we do, from selecting components to designing cases. We strive to create systems that are a perfect union of form and function, ensuring each computer is a masterpiece that enhances any space.

Our Products: Luxebyte Gaming PC
We specializes in high-performance gaming PCs and custom loop systems that push the boundaries of what's possible. Our product line includes:

  • AIO Gaming PCs: Efficient, powerful, and beautifully designed, ready to handle any challenge.
  • Custom Loop PCs: Tailor-made with precision cooling solutions, offering supreme aesthetics and performance.
  • Accessories and Peripherals: Designed to complement and enhance your computing experience, all adhering to our high standards of beauty and functionality.

Commitment to Quality:
Every product undergoes rigorous testing to meet our exacting standards of performance and durability. We use only the highest quality components and materials to ensure reliability and longevity.

Our Promise:
We are dedicated to providing an unparalleled customer experience. From seamless ordering and detailed customization options to prompt shipping and robust post-purchase support, we ensure every step of your journey with us is as exceptional as our products.

For those who appreciate both beauty and power in their computing, Cooler Power is the premier choice. Join us as we continue to set new standards in the world of custom computing.